International Talent Sourcing Scouts

We help companies to hire best fit employees by executing headhunting with smart innovation and great passion!


Executive Search

Pre-selecting the Best-Matching Candidates with Innovation Organizing First Interviews with Your Company Starting 360 Recommendation Approach Re-checking the Motivation of the Candidates Supporting Final Agreements


Strategy Development

Providing a Structured Comparison of the Reality Evaluating Market Players&Target Groups Drafting Your Ideal Case Scenario Pre-Screening the Potential Candidate Pool


Retention Programs

Planning Induction Programs and Deliver Best Solution Identifying Risks by Focussing on Key Employees Anticipating Ambitions and Career Plans Developing a Retention Policy and Team Building Workshops Executing a SkillDrill-Program MET-4STEPS-FLOW

Assessment Action

Checking Capacity in an Optimized Process Matching Candidate Job Description Checking First Motivation Conducting Best Practice Tests & Upfront Tasks


Engage Collaborate Execute

Which skills are you missing to develop, improve and scale your business? GET your skills-add-on now. Bringing yourself and the right people in the right roads. With us you will develop a culture of continuous reinvention of yourself and your business.

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Our Services


Full CycleExecutive Recruitment

With our passion, focused mindset & skill set we deliver immediate impact and results for YOU.


On Demand HR Support

With our expertise and transparency we find the right solution and support in sourcing, attracting, assessing, hiring, developing and retaining  for YOU.


Webinar Interview Skills

With our creative and practical interview skill sessions you get the most out of every interview in the future. Are you a leader? Those classes are especially developed for YOU.


WebinarHR Process Improvement

With our systematic 4 step program you get a highly-functional and action-oriented Business Canvas that will be a useful daily tool and Action-Plan for YOU.


On DemandEmployee Coaching

With our multidimensional personality and skill set development tools we bring a real new level of innovation to your team and to YOU.


Full CycleLeadership Style Change Program

With our out-of-the-box experts you feel and experience a real new flow and drive in your leadership development. This exclusive program is the beginning of a new area for YOU.


Winning. Talents. Together.

What we will do together is first look at your overall reality, then we deeply look at what your process is at the moment, we will analyze it, and finally find personalized solutions for you: how to innovate and how to build the right solution for your entire business.


Team on Fire

Felix Heinicke

Executive Consultant EMEA

Felix is our HR-Pioneer. His motto: Never try, never know!

Nina Remizova

Recruitment Specialist

Nina is our Quality-Master. Her motto: Simple and high-level belongs together!

Juliana Onuzane

Executive Consultant EMEA

Juliana is our Process-Queen. Her motto: Never forget to double-check!

Madina Heinicke

Senior Consultant

Madina is our Key-Controller. Her motto: Never give up!

Our Core Values


We always put ourselves in your shoes. One of our key values is “taking other people’s preferences seriously.” To understand your preferences at their best, it is necessary for us to see them in action. We ask and want you to be authentic. We give you a realistic insight of our work in progress. We strive for excellent results, to help you in building a better YOU within a great team.


We live a very flexible structure. We will support you within your skills capacity, no matter how fast, freaky, funny, fuzzy and focused you would like to be in your workflow.
Our easy plugin-system allows the optimal adjustment of all the resources at any size.


We scale your current development stage to a new level. With the smart approach from our ROI-Project Management tools you will always have great opportunities to scale your business at any size. Your personal project leader will support you in your way through this long-term-journey and take care about everything that matters to you.

Performance Impact

We want to reach the same goals as you: Better results. For us it is key to be impactful for you from the very beginning with all your dreams, ideas and goals. Your current skill set will be challenged and we enable you to become a successful and energetic business driver than ever before.


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On Demand IT Candidates

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