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Rules of protection and nondisclosure of information / disclaimer of responsibility

Rules of protection and nondisclosure of information

The online service of the LLC Heinicke Consulting further called „Company“ or „Heinicke Consulting“ strictly follows the principles of protection of confidentiality of information of users of our site (personal information). We seek to guarantee reliability and safety of data storage, arriving from users of the site. We make all efforts to ensure safety of information provided by you and to guarantee its use only for the purpose, stated in these rules. As information on the present Terms of service is understood the data including your personal information.

Accepting the present Terms of service, you give to the Company the consent to processing of your personal information, in the ways and with the purposes specified in the present Terms of service.

The company carries out processing of your personal information in the following ways: collecting, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification (updating, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, providing access), depersonalization, blocking, removal, destruction.

Accepting the present Terms of service, you give to the Company the consent that the Company can carry out cross-border transfer of your personal information.

General information on visitors of the site of the Company

We collect information and statistical data in general on all visitors of websites of the Company, for example, what pages users visit more often and to what services they address most of all. We use such data only in their set. Such information helps us to define what is more useful for our users and how we can improve our work to increase the general level of service.

Notices of vacancies

To use the service „Notices of Vacancies“ (a subscription to vacancies), you have to be registered on our site. The address of your e-mail will be used for sending to you by e-mail the freshest vacancies in the industry chosen by you and/or news through our system of mailing. If you decide that you don’t want to receive information on vacancies any more, log into the system under the password and refuse the service.


We give you the chance to submit the CV through our site. You can send the CV as a response to vacancy, or to send it to our consultants in case suitable vacancies will appear in the future. Your CV will be sent directly to our consultants who, after having considered it, will enter information into our central database. Access to a database, and also to your personal information is available for the consultants working in the Company. You can request the copy of the information provided by you, which is stored at our database at any time. If you want to make a query, write to the address: You also have a right to ask the Company to stop processing of your personal information and to remove your personal information from databases of the Company. After receiving from you a request for the termination of use of your data or for removal of your personal information, the Company undertakes to stop immediately use and processing of your data, and in case of obtaining the relevant requirement – to remove your personal information from databases of the Company. Your CV will go to potential employers only with your consent. The CV may contain the following personal information: last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth/age, the birthplace, the residential address, sex, family status, nationality, the photo, phone number, the e-mail address, the data included in the employment history, profession, the general labour experience, education, professional development, knowledge of foreign languages, the income, results of testing and the analysis of the personality, an ITN, personal insurance policy number/SNILS, military service details, existence of the driver’s license, the work permit, a hobby, personal qualities.

Use of information collected by us and personal information

Your personal information, including your name, email and the CV, is stored and used for:

  1. determination of compliance of your data to requirements of vacancies. It helps us to find for you the most suitable positions;
  2. informing you about company services, news and the latest events in the chosen industry;
  3. drawing up and preparation of various reviews, including reviews of salaries.

The probability of merge of the Company with other companies or acquisition of any other company is not excluded. If it occurs, we can open information received from you to new owners of the Company and their consultants. Also we can open information connected with you to law enforcement authorities on demand. Besides we reserve the right to open information on you collected by us to our professional consultants and other persons in that degree in which it makes a reservation in the contract signed between the Company and other organization and treats a kind of activity of the Company – recruitment. Such third parties will work with ensuring the same confidentiality obligations of information as the Company. Besides, on request of the Company you will be obliged to provide consent to processing of your personal information on paper in a form approved by the Company. Period of validity of the present Terms of service is unlimited. The present Terms of service works before its cancellation.

The federal law „About protection of personal information“ from 27.07.2006 No. 152

According to the Federal Law „About protection of personal information“ of 27.07.2006 No. 152 (further – „Law“), information provided by you, including your CV and the e-mail address, falls under definition of „personal information“. Therefore, when processing your personal information we have to follow the principles stated in the Law stated above. All personal information obtained from you is stored in our central database located in the territory of the Russian Federation. For the Law Antal Russia is „the operator of personal information“.

Pay attention that, through links and advertizing banners, you can get on other websites where practice of data security can differ from the corresponding policy of the Company. We do not bear responsibility for the information provided to such third parties or collected by them, and we do not control it.

Changes of rules of information security

The company has the right to change the rules of information security at any time. In case of change of our rules of information security in the future, such changes will be published on this site in order that you always knew, what information we collect, and what are possible purposes of its use and also to whom we can open such information. If you have questions or concern about observance by the Company of the obligations for protection of information at any time, please, write to the address:

Disclaimer of responsibility

Information containing on the present site was collected from various sources and can be changed without prior notice.The company does not make any statements and does not give any guarantees concerning completeness, accuracy, relevance, adequacy, suitability or the work of this site or information containing on it and also does not give any guarantees concerning any information placed on any website of the third party access to which is possible from the real site and also as regards information stated on the real site or any site of the third party was somehow confirmed with the Company.

All information containing on this site is provided on conditions „as present“. The company does not assume any responsibility for information containing on this site and refuses any obligations resulting from negligence or other reasons concerning such information.

The company does not make any statements concerning existence of any vacancies published on the present website.

The company does not guarantee that employers or clients will request information on competitors, will ask to organize with them interview or will take them for work, and also does not guarantee that any candidates will be available or will conform to requirements of employers or clients.

The company cannot guarantee observance by any employer or client of confidentiality of information on the competitors or data provided to the employer or the client.

The company does not make any statements and does not give any guarantees concerning final conditions and terms of the employment contracts signed by means of the present site.

Using the present website, you are exposed to risk that information containing on this site can be incomplete, inexact, outdated or cannot conform to your requirements.

The present Terms of service is developed according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Any interpretation of its contents, the requirement or disputes (any character, including not connected with contract questions) are in the exclusive jurisdiction of the Russian legislation.

Notice of copyright

All information containing on the present website is protected by copyright (© Heinicke Consulting). The present website was created for and on behalf of Heinicke Consulting. All copyright belongs to LLC Heinicke Consulting, any unauthorized copying is forbidden. Unauthorized use of trademarks, trade names and logos of the LLC Heinicke Consulting company is forbidden.